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Maxsell an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization focuses on giving technology to empower today’s Customers and still making them afford technology. Our Strategy has always remained that, make technology Usable and Affordable, to make it popular and purposeful.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. 12 / 24 Month Warranty
2. Shipping Within 2-3 Business Working Days
3. ISO 9001:2008 / CE Certified
4. Online Service Support System
5. Guaranteed Quality + Low Price
The most determining feature We found is that Maxsell Shredders are completely Silent. Addition to it, Timely supply & good quality products by Maxsell.
Name : Mr. Hari Shankar
Iron Mountain, Mumbai.
Maxsell Fireproof safe was successfully installed at our office. Their staff was very helpful who managed to place the Fireproof safe, to the site quite away from the entrance.
Name : Ms. Megalamani
Wintek (Nokia SEZ), Chennai.

MX50i - Intelligent Counting Machine
  • Intelligent Money counter with identification
    of Rs. 1000 denomination notes at the
    press of a button
  • Batching facility – ideal to make payments
    and bundles of loose notes.
  • Twin displays on the machine for easy
MX50FL - High Speed Currency Counter
  • Notes capacity – 350 plus notes at a time
  • Digitally Selectable Speed – 800/1000/1500
    notes per minute
  • Apart from Indian Rupees, can count –
    Euro / GBP / USD.
Maxsell Truscan – Fully Automatic Rupee Detector
  • Easy, quick and fully automatic currency
  • Checks and identifies most vulnerable
    fakes which are difficult to detect
  • Designed for super fakes of 1000 &
    500 rupees denomination.
  • Lcd display shows reason of rejection
    and other details.
Drawer Safe
  • Space saving design.
  • Can be mount inside drawer or floor.
  • Lighting provided inside.
  • Easy and Quick to install.
  • Hydraulic Arm for the easy door opening.
  • Four locking bolts for ultimate security.