Fake Note Detectors

Counterfeit money could potentially cost your business hundreds and possibly thousands of rupees. Improved printing technologies have led to a dramatic increase in high quality counterfeit banknotes.

Maxsell TRUSCAN uses the latest in counterfeit detection technology to alert you of fraudulent money. Truscan is equipped with OCR (Optical Scanning Recognition), which identifies the denomination of the inserted currency and confirms its authenticity and will detect super and any type of fake note in 1000 & 500 rupees denomination.

Maxsell fake note detectors can help you to
  • Assist your less-experienced and younger staff in identifying forged notes when conducting cash transactions
  • Maximise the deterrent against would-be counterfeit cash users
  • Speed up your transaction times and reduce time spent holding suspected counterfeit notes aloft, without quite knowing what to look for
  • Avoid embarrasing your clients, or yourselves, by prolonging the decision making process
  • Minimise financial losses from the acceptance of forged currency
  • Ensure that fully functional equipment is to hand 24/7 to identify fake money, as and when you need it
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us
Fake Note Detector
1. 12 / 24 Month Warranty
2. Shipping Within 2-3 Business Working Days
3. ISO 9001:2008 / CE Certified
4. Online Service Support System
5. Guaranteed Quality + Low Price

GKB Opticals

Maxsell Truscan – Fully Automatic Rupee Detector
  • Easy, quick and fully automatic currency
  • Checks and identifies most vulnerable
    fakes which are difficult to detect
  • Designed for super fakes of 1000 &
    500 rupees denomination.
  • Lcd display shows reason of rejection
    and other details.
Fake Note Detector
  • Uv, watermark light based
  • Magnifier to zoom for easy and
    quick identification.
  • Large space for placing currency.

Maxsell MX2000e – Multifunctional Currency Detector
  • Dual UV lamp doubles the resolution
  • UV lamp can be changed by the user himself.
  • Can be mount on Wall - Designed to save space.

Maxsell Truscani– Fully Automatic Forex Detector
  • Fully automatic currency detector for
    forex – usd, gbp, aed, aud, hkd, etc
  • With battery backup for upto 40hrs
  • Highly graphical backlit lcd display
    to show various details.
  • Compact, portable and change the
    currency country easy and quickly.