Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. 12 / 24 Month Warranty
2. Shipping Within 2-3 Business Working Days
3. ISO 9001:2008 / CE Certified
4. Online Service Support System
5. Guaranteed Quality + Low Price
The most determining feature We found is that Maxsell Shredders are completely Silent. Addition to it, Timely supply & good quality products by Maxsell.
Name : Mr. Hari Shankar
Iron Mountain, Mumbai.
Maxsell Fireproof safe was successfully installed at our office. Their staff was very helpful who managed to place the Fireproof safe, to the site quite away from the entrance.
Name : Ms. Megalamani
Wintek (Nokia SEZ), Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are We Business Ready?

With growing business needs and quicker transaction time, We have made our business system fully ready to meet the customer needs and have our infrastructure ready for Tomorrow. So We’re ready for Business to execute, support and innovate. With an experience of 6yrs in catering our domestic & international customers, We have seamlessly integrated our various depts. Such as QC, Dispatch, Logistics, Sales & Accounts to give a pleasing experience to our customers.

2. How can I make an Easy Order for Maxsell Products?

3. Maxsell’s Warranty Statement

4. How reliable are MAXSELL products?

5. How do I get Maxsell Service after buying from them?

6. Problems with Rs. 500 old notes?

7. How does Truscan support in identifying Fake notes from that of Defective notes?

8. What technology drives our Truscan Detection technology?

9. How good is MX50i and why it detects only Rs. 1000 denomination?

10. What is the advantage of Premium Shredder from MAXSELL?

11. What do I do if I lose the emergency key for My Safe?

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