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Maxsell Truscan – Fully Automatic Rupee Detector

Maxsell TRUSCAN uses the latest in counterfeit detection technology to alert you of fraudulent money. Truscan is equipped with OCR (Optical Scanning Recognition), which identifies the denomination of the inserted currency and confirms its authenticity and will detect super and any type of fake note in 1000 & 500 rupees denomination.


Truscan is quick and very easy to operate fake note detector. Just insert the currency, You’ll know in a second if the currency is genuine or counterfeit.


TRUSCAN Fake detector displays Information –
- Denomination of each note
- Quantity and Total value of authentic currency
- Reason of Rejection


TRUSCAN automatic fake detector is sleek & compact
Super technology at an affordable price
24 Months warranty


- Sophisticated state-of-the art technology
- Fully automatic detection of currency, no human interference required.
- Detects fake note with an audible tone. Confirms the genuinity of the currency
  in less than a second
- Easy to operate
- Light weight durable & can be carried anywhere
- Ultra compact design
- Easily upgraded for new designs of currency issued by the Reserve bank of India

Dimensions – (LBH) 170 X 130 X 70mm / 0.8kg.

Outstanding Features Of Truscan
  • Automatic detection with complete analysis of different parameters
  • Detects a currency in less than a Second
  • LCD Backlit display with full details about denomination and Test results.
  • Facility to upgrade even future fakes FREE OF COST for LIFETIME.
  • Compact, Portable and can be carried anywhere.
  • TRUSCAN detects, validates and adds up the value to show total value of currency received for checking (helpful when received cash from a customer and easy to validate the value)