Currency Counter

Cash counting machines was never a product within reach of small and medium business houses, unless our Maxsell Largest selling money counter in India was made available at reasonable price and packed with excellent quality and features.

Maxsell cash machines - mark of Quality and Accuracy. With excellent QC & Testing methodology, our currency counting machines performs longer and durable. Our machines are certified – ISO, CE & RoHS# Certified.

Our currency counters are designed to perform without need for maintenance and service. With introduction of newer technologies and advanced software coding system our machines have some of the latest features and counterfeit identification system. We developed our currency counter to perform in varied Indian conditions which is wild and demands sturdy performance. The result being now our counting machines find International market due to its capability to work under different conditions and environments. Needless to say our machines can handle any type of currency with ease – Old, New, Deformed, Soiled, Misaligned & even stapled notes find an easy count.

Different range of counting machines like Basic Note counter, Intelligent Counting cum counterfeit detection machines and Hi Speed Heavy duty cash counting machine are available to suit different type of customers.

Highly dependable and ideal for Banks, Big & small business houses, Traders, retailers, jewellers and almost all types of business establishment can use them according to their suitability.

Maxsell note counting machines are backed by comprehensive warranty, genuine spare parts, technically trained professionals and telephonic helpline for instant troubleshoot.

Desktop Note Counters:

  • MX50 –Money Counter with UV
  • MX50 New –Money Counter with UV
  • MX50i – Intelligent Counting machine
    cum Super fake detector*
  • MX50FL – High Speed, Heavy Duty
    & Bulk Currency Counter.
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. 12 / 24 Month Warranty
2. Shipping Within 2-3 Business Working Days
3. ISO 9001:2008 / CE Certified
4. Online Service Support System
5. Guaranteed Quality + Low Price

MX50i - Intelligent Counting Machine
  • Intelligent Money counter with identification
    of Rs. 1000 & Rs. 500* denomination notes
    at the press of a button
  • Batching facility – ideal to make payments
    and bundles of loose notes.
  • Twin displays on the machine for easy
MX50 - Money Counter with UV
  • Easy to use and useful functions.
  • Batching facility
  • In Built Dust collector
  • In Built UV detector to identify
    fakes based on Paper Xerox or printouts.
MX50FL - High speed Currency Counter.
  • Notes capacity – 350 plus notes at a time
  • Digitally Selectable Speed – 800/1000/1500
    notes per minute
  • Apart from Indian Rupees, can count –
    Euro / GBP / USD.

MX40a Mixed Denomination Currency Counter
  • Counts all denominations from
    Rs. 10 – Rs. 1000 in single go.
  • Gives list of denomination after finishing the
    counting at press of a button.
  • In built – UV, IR & Size Detector
  • In built – dust collector